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How to Enrol & Student Guidance

1. Find the right course for you and ensure you are eligible

2. Ensure that you read the course content and that this is what you wish to study, as well as how you will be assessed

3. Before proceeding, make sure you read the NALP 'Terms & Conditions' .

4. Also, ensure you can afford to pay for the course before signing the enrolment form. NB there are interest free instalment options available for all NALP courses

5. Once you decide to proceed, pay for the course online by following the 'enrol now'. You will get confirmation from 'PayPal' once your payment has gone through and NALP will receive the same notification

6. On receipt of this notification NALP will email you the enrolment form and bank mandate (if paying by instalments) for completion, signature and return in the post to us.

7. Once NALP receives the enrolment form and bank mandate (if paying by instalments) the course material will be sent by email as PDF documents. You can pay extra to have pre-printed material sent to you, by paying online through the website.

8. When you receive your course material, read through the 'Introduction' carefully. Ths will not only give you information on how the course works, but also on how to answer assignments. Also, for guidance we suggest that you download the qualification specification for that qualification ( go to and hit the 'NALP Qualifications' button and then scroll to the appropriate qualification specification), in order to know what you will be learning and what will be expected of you eg the assessment criteria will inidcate the areas that will be assessed in your assignments. Each assignment question is allocated marks and the amount you write will be guided by those marks. For example, a 2 marks question only requires a few lines or sentences: a 5 or 6 mark question requires an answer of a paragraph or half a page: a 10 mark question requires approximately an A4 page or a little over that: a 15 mark question, not more than about 2 A4 pages and a 20 mark question, a little more than that.

9. Distance Learners' assessment will be continuous by a series of assignments. Once submitted you should allow 14-28 days for each assignment to be marked and returned by the assessor. Once assessed, you will be notified wheter you have passed, been referred or failed. In the case of the Level 4 and Level 7 Qualifications, if you have passed, you will be notified of whether it is  a 'pass' (45-64%) Merit (65-79%) or Distinction (80-100%). Please note: there is no feedback given to students.

10. Students who enrol via a College will also be assessed continuously by assignment. All assignments will sent for assessment by NALP's external examiners.

11. Once the course is successfully completed, the learner will receive their Certificates within 2-3 weeks of completion of the course.

12. Phone us on 0845 862 7000 at anytime Monday - Friday 9.30-5.30 or email: if you need assistance