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Paralegal Distance Learning Course | Level 4 Criminal Law (General Principles of Law)

Criminal Law - Single Unit 

This unit forms part of our Level 4 -  Diploma in Paralegal Studies. It is available to study as a single unit. 


Course Fees

Single Subjects £475 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £175 followed by three instalments of £100

Full Course £1380 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £360 and six monthly instalments of £170


• All course material

• Assignment and test marking

• Full tutorial support

• Certificate on completion



  • The Nature of Criminal Law: including the nature of a crime
  • distinction between crimes and Tor
  • burden of proof
  • Classification of Offences: including summary, indictable, hybrid and arrestable offences
  • Elements of a Crime: including Actus Reus, Mens Rea and Strict Liability; basic intent and specific intent, express intent and implied intent
  • General Defences including Automatism, mistake, insanity, duress and intoxication
  • Homicide: including causation in law and causation in fact
  • Murder: including its definition, malice aforethought express and implied
  • Manslaughter: including voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter, recklessness, special defences to murder - diminished responsibility, provocation, suicide pact and infanticide
  • Theft Robbery, Burglary, and Fraud

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand those rules of law which provide for the punishment of those who breach such laws
  • Be aware of which laws fall within this category
  • Understand how such breaches are punished




Assignments can be requested when the learner is ready, and once requested and sent, the Learner will have a four week period in which to complete the assignment and return by the due date.

Tutors are on hand to answer any queries that the student may have and give unlimited help and guidance if there is anything that the student may not fully understand with regard to the material.

Entry Requirements

One of the following is required or equivalent - if unsure, please contact us 0845 862 7000

NALP Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Paralegal Practice; two A' Levels; an A' Level Law; BTEC National Diploma (NVQ/GNVQ Level 3 or above);
CILEX Level 3 Qualifications; ILSPAs Legal Secretary Diploma

Mature Students Welcome (over 25) without any of the above - please contact us to confirm eligibility.
Non UK: Equivalent Qualifications - please contact us to confirm eligibility


Please Note: The NALP Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies is only available in English.
 If your first language is not English then you must be able to provide evidence that your spoken and written command of the English Language is adequate for the qualification for which you have applied. e.g. IELTS Level 6, GCSE English.