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Paralegal Qualification | Level 7 Matrimonial & Civil Partnership Disputes (Procedural Law)

Matrimonial & Civil Partnership Procedure - Single Unit

This unit forms part of the Level 7 - PostGraduate Diploma Qualification in Paralegal Practice. It can be studied individually. 


Course Fees

Single Subjects £475 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £175 followed by three instalments of £100

Full Course £1660 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £460 and six monthly instalments of £200


• All course material

• Assignment and test marking

• Full tutorial support

• Certificate on completion


Assessment is continuous by assignment. Assignments can be requested when the learner is ready, and once requested and sent, the Learner will have a four week period in which to complete the assignment and return by the due date. Assignments are marked and graded either with a pass (45 - 64%), merit (65 - 79%) and distinction (80-100%).

Tutors are on hand to answer any queries that the student may have and give unlimited help and guidance if there is anything that the student may not fully understand with regard to the material.

Please note: Legal Skills will be integrated into the assignments.


Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate procedures relating to marriages and civil partnerships
  • Critically analyse the differences between valid, void and voidable marriages and civil partnerships
  • Critically assess, justify and explain the advice to be given in relation to a complex divorce or civil partnership dissolution, from inception through to dissolution
  • Critically review how marriages and civil partnerships can be terminated
  •  Critically analyse the grounds upon which a marriage and a civil partnership can be terminated
  • Critically evaluate how to process an undefended divorce and civil partnership
  • Critically evaluate, xplain, apply and justify the key stages in the process of an undefended divorce and civil partnership from inception through to dissolution 


Introduction to the principles of marriage and Civil Partnerships:

  • Marriage defined
  • Null, void and voidable marriages
  • Capacity to enter into civil partnerships
  • void and voidable civil partnerships
  • Grounds for Divorce and Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

Divorce procedure:

  • Ancillary Relief
  • Domestic Proceedings and Orders in the Magistrates Court
  • Procedure on dissolution of a Civil Partnership
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements



Entry Requirements

One of the following is required or equivalent - if unsure, please contact us 0845 862 7000
UK Graduates require either an LL.B, BA LAW or CPE/GDL which has successfully been completed within the last 7 years. However, if a degree has been attained prior to this, then consideration may be given subject to the applicant's level of experience since attaining their degree. Please contact NALP to discuss eligibility.
Graduates who have gained their LLB outside of the UK should have studied The English Legal System as part of their undergraduate course and provide evidence of this on applying the the Level 7 Diploma in Paralegal Practice.
If you are a non UK law Graduate and have NOT studied the English Legal System, you have the option of studying Part 1 of the Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies: General Principals of Law before commencing this course. NB you also require evidence of English Language proficiency at IELTS Level 6 or equivalent