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Level 7 Testimonials

Level 7 Diploma in Paralegal Practice

"When I left University, I felt that I would just step into a legal position - after all, I was a Law Graduate with Honours! This course brought it home to me that I knew virtually nothing of how the practice of law was conducted. But I do now!! Thank you!


"I enjoyed the course immensely and even though I had taken the LPC, I found that this course was easier to absorb. The course was well structured and easily understood through the course material, the personal experiences of the tutors and the excellence of the tutors themselves. Thank you for a most enjoyable and very interesting course.


"We were fortunate in having tutors who not only knew their subject inside-out, but could also express that knowledge in a way that really encouraged, inspired and stimulated us".


"I thoroughly enjoyed the PPC and it helped me to choose the career path that I want to take. The Tutors were excellent and very helpful in explaining and clarifying any matters. I found the trip to the Courts very interesting and an essential part of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a career paralegal as I found that merely being a Law Graduate was not sufficient to enable me to get a job. The course was just perfect."