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PostGrad Dip in Paralegal Practice - Level 7

The Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Paralegal Practice is a Nationally Recognised Qualification and is the Professional Qualification to become a Licensed Paralegal.

Who should enrol?

This course is designed to bridge the gap between an academic degree and the practical, procedural knowledge and skills necessary to be able to function effectively as a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner. A degree is an academic qualification, but a paralegal needs to also know procedural law and practise.

With our low monthly payment option, you can move ahead with your legal career development.


How this course is studied

Distance Learning - learn from home in your own time. Continuous assessment. There are six units of study with six assignments. All unit assignments must be successfully completed in order to gain the Level 7 Diploma.

The course takes approximately 4-6 months to complete if you input a consistent number of hours per week.

Overall time limit to complete the course is 2 years from the date of enrolment.

Course material is sent via email as PDF documents


Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies Syllabus 




Course Fees

£1420 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £400 and six monthly instalments of £170

Single Subjects £400 (Incl. VAT) or pay a deposit of £150 followed by two instalments of £125





Assessment is continuous by assignment . Each unit is divided into lessons with self-assessment multiple choice achievement tests. Assignments can be requested when the learner is ready, and once requested and sent, the Learner will have a four week period in which to complete the assignment anand return by the due date. Assignments are marked and graded and returned with the examiners' comments.

Tutors are on hand to answer any queries that the student may have and give unlimited help and guidance if there is anything that the student may not fully understand with regard to the material.

Please note: The Legal Skills will be integrated into the assignments.




I thoroughly enjoyed the PPC and it helped me to choose the career path that I want to take. The Tutors were excellent and very helpful in explaining and clarifying any matters. I found the trip to the Courts very interesting and an essential part of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a career paralegal as I found that merely being a Law Graduate was not sufficient to enable me to get a job. The course was just perfect


I enjoyed the course immensely and even though I had taken the LPC, I found that this course was easier to absorb. The course was well structured and easily understood through the course material, the personal experiences of the tutors and the excellence of the tutors themselves. Thank you for a most enjoyable and very interesting course



Royal Courts of Justice Tour

Students have the opportunity, at an extra cost of £12, to be personally guided around the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and around part of 'legal London', The Middle Temple and The Inner Temple.

To register and enrol for the Tour please go to our sister company AH Paralegal Training

Enrol Here or call us on 0845 862 7000



Level 7 Guide for Distance Learners



Level 7 PG Diploma in Paralegal Practice Qual Spec



Level 7 Single Unit Courses



Entry Requirements

One of the following is required or equivalent - if unsure, please contact us 0845 862 7000
UK Graduates require either an LL.B, BA LAW or CPE/GDL which has successfully been completed within the last 7 years. However, if a degree has been attained prior to this, then consideration may be given subject to the applicant's level of experience since attaining their degree. Please contact NALP to discuss eligibility.
Graduates who have gained their LLB oustide of the UK should have studied The English Legal System as part of their undergraduate course and provide evidence of this on applying for the the Level 7 Diploma in Paralegal Practice.
If you are a non UK law Graduate and have NOT studied the English Legal System, you have the option of studying Part 1 of the Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies: General Principals of Law before commencing this course. NB you also require evidence of English Language proficiency at IELTS Level 6 or equivalent


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