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Paralegal Training News - February, 2018

In the Press | How to set up a Paralegal firm

Ever dreamt of working in the law? Then now is a good time to consider setting up in business as a paralegal, as more and more people are turning to paralegals to help them with a varitey of legal issues.  Read the full article about the steps you'll need to take to set up a paralegal business: Pages 24 and 25 of issu... Read More

Should you Set Up a Paralegal Business?

  2. Join a Paralegal Organisation Being a member of NALP entitles you, subject to the requisite qualifications and/or experience and fulfilment of eligibility criteria, to apply for a licence to practise in the areas of law in which you can provide evidence of experience. Again, this means that NALP has done its due diligence on you and thoroghly vetted you and your credentia... Read More

In the Press | How to take someone to small claims court

Is your business owed money? In this article, we discuss the process of taking someone to small claims court.    "Instead of going to court you may want to consider mediation. This provides individuals and businesses with a low-cost method of resolving a legal dispute without the need to go to court. There is a fixed hourly fee to pay by both parties. The mediation... Read More

What Skills do Paralegals Need?

Communication Skills for Paralegals Paralegals require a wide range of skills and knowledge to work effectively both as an independent freelance paralegal and within a team. Along with a strong knowledge of the Law and legal procedure, paralegals need excellent communications skills.  Verbal Communication On a daily basis, you’ll be speaking with clients, lawyers,... Read More

What is a paralegal and when should I use one?

A Paralegal is legally trained and educated to perform legal tasks and offer legal assistance but is not a qualified solicitor. However, a paralegal can do virtually everything a solicitor can do except acitivities that are referred to as 'reserved activities'  Source:

In The Press: What is a Paralegal and when should I use one?

NALPs CEO Discusses how paralegals can help with many legal matters at a fraction of the cost of solicitors.    There is no statutory regulation for paralegals in the same as there is for solicitors, so it's important to ask for evidence of the paralegal's qualifications and experience.  Source:

In the Press: Are you working as a Paralegal without realising it?

NALPs CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses career development for paralegals through paralegal training.  being recognised as a paralegal, or at least being recognised as having paralegal skills, can thrust you towards a more positive career pathway.   Source:

In the Press: What is a paralegal?

Many people are working as paralegals without even realising it! NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the hidden paralegals in the legal sector Paralegals are not just people who have studied law. Being trained to perform certain tasks, like drafting contracts, is important for many companies. They may not necessaruly wish to use the services of a solicitor each time.   O... Read More

British Citizens Award

  Paralegal Qualification Creator Honoured at British Citizen Awards   In January, we were honoured to attend the British Citizen’s Awards at the House of Lords to celebrate Dr Peter Minto. The British Citizen Awards offers Recognition for individuals doing extraordinary things in the local community.  ‘The BCA listen to the citizens of this great Co... Read More