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Paralegal Training News - June, 2018

Giving Paralegals Formal Recognition within your Business

We discuss the benefits of giving paralegals within your firm formal recognition, offering paralegal qualifications and career development retains top talent.  Article from:

What is a paralegal and when should you use one in your business use one?

In this article on the Business Crowd, NALP's CEO Amanda Hamilton discusses the role of a Paralegal and when it makes business sense to use one instead of a Solicitor. So when might you use the services of a paralegal? If someone takes you to court claiming that you allegedly owe them money and you need to defend yourself If you need to take someone to court and need assistanc... Read More

In the Press | What is a paralegal and when should you use one in your business?

  In the Business Crowd we discuss the use of paralegals over solicitors within business, looking at the legal duties a paralegal can perform saving your business money!    As all of the above can also be handled by a solicitor – why would you choose to use a paralegal? 1. Cost: Utilising the services of solicitors can be expensive. Solicitors charge on avera... Read More

In the Press | Are you Giving Paralegals Formal Recognition?

"For Paralegals working within your firm there are bespoke nationally recognised qualifications to help them hone their skills and knowlege - building their confidence and increasing the services you offer to clients."   Read the full article here: