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In the Press | Transparency within the Legal Sector

"Consumers are also probably unaware that since January 2014, they can approach barristers to assist them in the conduct of any litigious action. Has this fact been widely marketed to the consumer? Are they aware that a barrister may now be able to offer services that are no different in essence to those offered by solicitors? the answer sadly is probably ‘no’!

It must be the responsibility of the regulated legal professions to ensure that all information about the sector, and who can offer what service, is readily available on their websites. However, the unsavoury truth of the matter is that there are self-interests to serve and the loser, the one individual that should be given the primary consideration - the consumer - is lost and forgotten. We should remember that the sole purpose of being part of this profession is to offer a service and the user of our services should not be disregarded."


We discuss the need for transparency in the Legal Services Sector to protect consumers. NALP has been promoting the status of Paralegals for over 30 years through our membership body and top quality training programmes, ensuring Paralegals offer the best possible client care and service. 


Published in The Barrister