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In the Press | What is a paralegal and when should you use one in your business?


In the Business Crowd we discuss the use of paralegals over solicitors within business, looking at the legal duties a paralegal can perform saving your business money! 


As all of the above can also be handled by a solicitor – why would you choose to use a paralegal?

1. Cost: Utilising the services of solicitors can be expensive. Solicitors charge on average over £200 per hour and some, more senior ones, will charge nearer to £300 per hour. On average Paralegals charge between £20 – £50 per hour for their services.

2. There is no legal aid anymore: Before April 2013 you could get legal funding to bring a case to court or defend an action against you. This has now been eradicated for all but a few cases. Paralegals are filling the gap left by the eradication of Legal Aid.

3. There are occasions where a paralegal may assist you up to a point, and then you may need the services of a solicitor. For example, if the case is serious and cannot be resolved, and will eventually end up in court. However, for the most part, a paralegal can assist you in dealing with the case yourself.

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