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In the Press | Looking to the future - what does it hold for the Paralegal Sector?

Traditional attitudes to the provision of legal services have been upended over recent years, due to the rapid change that has taken place in the legal sector.  Of the several reasons for the change, one is the virtual eradication of Legal Aid since April 2013. Since then, a gap has opened up. Consumers can no longer be funded to litigate, nor defend themselves against litigati... Read More

What does the future hold for Paralegals?

As long as Paralegals are qualified and educated to perform legal tasks, with the exception, of course, of reserved legal activities, their job role will be as varied and interesting as that of a solicitor, and they can provide access to legal services at a reasonable cost to the consumer.     Source:

In the Press | How to set up a business as a paralegal practitioner

Paralegals are not statutorily regulated and therefore you may come up against people who tell you that anyone can call him/herself as a 'Paralegal' and it is not necessary to gain any training or qualification to carry out paralegal services. This is technically true, but in practice, it's not accurate.  However, remember that you are up against a mountain of competitors who... Read More

In the Press | 200,000 people working as Paralegals without realising it.

Have you ever been given in-house training that includes an element of law or legal knowledge? For example, working in an in-house human resources department and bee given training in employment law. If so, then you are a most definitely a paralegal. In our latest press piece, we discuss the legal sector and the estimated 200,000 people working as a Paralegal without even realising it.... Read More

How to set up a business as a paralegal practitioner

So, the very first thing you need to do is gain a Paralegal or legal qualification or at very least get some paralegal training and then, as much experience as possible.  This does not have to be with a solicitor or barrister, because nowadays you can gain the relevant legal experience by working in a variety of different employment environments.  Amanda Hamilton talks through... Read More

Are you working as a Paralegal without realising it?

  "There are an estimated 200,000 plus paralegals working in a variety of fields and for diverse employers, who are unaware that they are ‘Paralegals’ and can apply for membership of a professional body, giving them status." Amanda Hamilton discusses the benefits of paralegal qualifications and joining membership bodies to progress your legal career. ... Read More

In the Press | How to set up a Paralegal firm

Ever dreamt of working in the law? Then now is a good time to consider setting up in business as a paralegal, as more and more people are turning to paralegals to help them with a varitey of legal issues.  Read the full article about the steps you'll need to take to set up a paralegal business: Pages 24 and 25 of issu... Read More

Should you Set Up a Paralegal Business?

  2. Join a Paralegal Organisation Being a member of NALP entitles you, subject to the requisite qualifications and/or experience and fulfilment of eligibility criteria, to apply for a licence to practise in the areas of law in which you can provide evidence of experience. Again, this means that NALP has done its due diligence on you and thoroghly vetted you and your credentia... Read More

In the Press | How to take someone to small claims court

Is your business owed money? In this article, we discuss the process of taking someone to small claims court.    "Instead of going to court you may want to consider mediation. This provides individuals and businesses with a low-cost method of resolving a legal dispute without the need to go to court. There is a fixed hourly fee to pay by both parties. The mediation... Read More

What Skills do Paralegals Need?

Communication Skills for Paralegals Paralegals require a wide range of skills and knowledge to work effectively both as an independent freelance paralegal and within a team. Along with a strong knowledge of the Law and legal procedure, paralegals need excellent communications skills.  Verbal Communication On a daily basis, you’ll be speaking with clients, lawyers,... Read More