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Joint Diploma Programme

NPC is currently in partnership with seven Universities in England who successfully offering a Joint Diploma Programme. The Higher Diploma in Paralegal Practice is integrated into the LLB undergraduate course, giving students the opportunity to further their studies and graduate with the opportunity to start working in the legal sector as a professional paralegal.

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For more information and to set up a meeting to discuss, please contact us on 020 7112 8034 or send us an email


If you are an undergraduate from one of the following seven universities and want to register for the Joint Diploma Programme, please pick up a registration form from your university, fill it in, sign it and send to NPC in the post or by email. You can find out the benefits of NALP membership here: membership benefits and to pay your fee please go to the following page and register. The benefit of registering is that you will gain an extra Diploma on graduation. The Diploma itself does not mean that you are a 'Licensed Paralegal' and can offer services directly to your own clients. You will need to apply for a Licence to practise to do so, and this requires experience in the areas in which you wish to practise. It does mean that you have a Paralegal Diploma which indicates to any prospective employer that you are ready and able to work as a paralegal.


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